Hurricaine Dorian

Thousands of homes in the Bahamas have been obliterated; tens of thousands of people need food, clean water and shelter.  The damage is massive.  If you would like to help alleviate the suffering caused by this disaster, please pray for all the victims and aid workers who are trying to survive this crisis.  In addition, you may either want to make a financial donation via an offering envelope marked “PWS&D Hurricane Dorian” or online at the PCC website.

Geoff and Lynda Woods have a friend in the Bahamas who has emailed them about the disaster and has also provided another avenue for any funds you might like to send directly: “the devastation... is unprecedented.  We expect the death toll numbers will rise considerably...Our relief and reconstruction plans are on hold until we can access Marsh Harbour.  In the meantime, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church is accepting donations online: Please help if you are able.